Safe Cars for Teens

Parents need to guide teens and offer the safest cars available, which will cover at least a part of their preference. Below are some tips and suggestions, which will hopefully help guide parents in obtaining a safe car for their teenagers.

Safety And Looks

All parents are concerned with the safety the vehicle offers to ensure that their teenager is exposed to the minimum amount of risk and danger while driving. While looking for a safe car, do not forget that your teenager also wants somewhat of a “cool” car, not the old truck dad is driving. Here are a few suggestions of car brands that have made it to the top of the list, as far as safety and looks are concerned and have been repeatedly recommended for teenagers: The Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Mitsubishi Lancer, and the Toyota Camry.

All these cars have safety features, which have stood the tests of time, are compact and relatively medium sized, so that teenagers can handle the driving and parking with ease. While you don't want to offer your teenager an oversized car in order to keep him or her safe, you don't want to pick a small size either, because they can be very unstable, so most times, a medium sized car is the best choice. Check the above mentioned car company official sites for detailed safety features on each model and compare them in order to decide which will be the best for the safety of your teenager.

If your teenager is a boy and he insists on an SUV, here are a few suggestions as well: Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Nissan Xterra, and Toyota RAVA. These SUVs also made the recommendation list of the www.leaseguide.com, as the best for the safety of teenagers.

Used And/Or Inexpensive Cars

Most parents tend to lean towards purchasing a cheaper car for a teenager's use and that is usually the right approach, due to the fact that teenagers generally get bored quickly with a particular vehicle type and will want to replace it.

The best way not to invest a fortune in a vehicle, yet obtain the safest car available for the safety of your teenager, is to lease. Leasing a car will allow you to get a relatively new car, which your teenager will love, for a limited period of time, after which your teenager can change it yet again in order to satisfy his or her wishes and keep with the trend.

Insurance And The Responsibility Of Having A Car

It is important that you emphasize to your teenager the responsibilities of paying insurance, as that will encourage him or her to keep the car in good shape at all times, as well as stay out of trouble and be safe. You must stress the importance of keeping a good driving record to your teenager, as the future insurance rates will depend on the same.

Insurance is higher for teenagers, as they are considered a higher risk; however, you can bring the rates down if you consider the following tips: add extra car safety features to the vehicle; ensure that the car is not classified as a sports car, and/or purchase stand-alone insurance for your teenager.

Insurance differs from vehicle to vehicle, depending on its present condition, year it was manufactured, and even who is driving the car. You can read more about insurance policies for teenage drivers at www.hwysafety.org, which is The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or to www.iii.org, which is The Insurance Information Institute. Also very helpful for tips and guidelines is the US Department of Transportation, which can be accessed at www.nhtsa.dot.org.


Research the market for the safest cars available for teenagers and discuss the options with your teenager, as well, because it will give him or her an insight as to why safety should be placed first and then the looks of the car.

Read the car reviews and comments, as they normally are experiences others have had with the vehicle, and they will help you and your teenager avoid them in the future. It is your teenager's first car and while the car's safety should not be compromised in the slightest, remember to accommodate some of your child's requests. If he or she likes the vehicle, it will be taken care of better than if he or she does not, which in turn will keep your teenager safe, as well.

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