Safest Car Color

Just because a person has a color that is safer, such as silver, the safest car on the road is one that is driven by a good driver.

More to Car Safety than Colors

A lot of people think that certain colors are safer because they can be seen easier but it is not always the case. It is not only the safest car's color that must be taken into account but the weather, conditions of the road, time of day, and landscapes are also important factors. Car safety is a complicated matter!

Studies for Safest Car Color

Typically, bright and vibrant colors are safer that darker colors since they will reflect more light. Brighter cars are also seen at a further distance. The United States National Safety Council stated the safest car color to be, "one that is highly visible in the widest range of lighting, weather, and vision conditions" They also showed that white is seen the best in uniform lighting but can be an unsafe color in bright sunlight, snow, and fog. A study performed at the University of California showed that the color of an approaching car will influence the judgment of the driver on the distance of the car. The study showed that blue and yellow made objects further away seem closer, and grey colors seemed further away.

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In terms of statistics there is no one car color that is statistically seen as the safest car on the road because of other variables. However, there have been statistics that have shown how conspicuous a car color is. Daimler Benz did a study on the conspicuousness of cars, and the color ranges were from white at 86% down to black, dark red, and blue at 4%.

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The Safest Car Colors are Light Colors

There was a study performed by the University of Auckland in New Zealand that showed that drivers of brown cars had a higher risk of injuries in car accidents. Black and green were also high in car accidents resulting in injuries. Their findings showed that people that drove silver cars had a 50% less chance of being involved in an accident where injuries occurred. It has been shown that the safest car on the road, in terms of colors, are light ones, as darker colors are the least safe car color.

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